Farrar Consulting is a healthcare consulting firm that specializes in serving the needs of all healthcare provider types, allowing you to provide quality, continuity of patient care while easing the administrative burdens on your staff and improving your business's bottom line. 

Managed care credentialing and contracting is all about a medical practice's revenue and goes hand in hand with your billing processes.  Without properly structured credentialing in place, claims will inevitably be denied, negatively impacting a business's bottom line and greatly increasing the administrative burden on a practice.  We will walk you through the key components of making managed care network participation as streamlined and lucrative as possible.  


Farrar Consulting has clients throughout the United States, ranging from small start up practices to very large practices with multiple locations and providers.  We have active working relationships with health plans nationwide and are extremely adept at handling the challenges that come with navigating the difficult intricacies of the managed care world.  

Our seasoned professionals bring to your business a comprehensive background in the healthcare industry from a practice as well as a managed care network perspective. With over 28 years of experience, we are eager to be an asset to your business and an extension of your team. 

Our billing professionals ensure that claims are filed timely and accurately, minimizing rejections. We are also available to consult with your professional staff, so that they are well equipped to handle each patient's super bill with confidence and ease as well as assisting with other day to day billing and coding practices from a provider's perspective.